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DUHC and Mayfair Lakeshore RMT services

In case you’re unable to get in to see me at my Richmond West location here are two other clinics I can see you at with schedule below: Dundas University Health Clinic provides massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic and naturopathy all covered under your health insurance plan. Schedule: Monday’s 12pm-6pm Tuesday’s 9am-6pm Thursday’s 9am-6pm Mayfair Toronto Lakeshore […]

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Flexion and Extension for shoulder strengthening

Actions of the shoulder and muscles involved. Flexion: anterior deltoid, pec major, biceps brachii,  coracobrachialis + With your arm straight starting from behind your hips, create movement at your shoulder joint and raise to your shoulder level.  + Empty handed, with weight, theraband or a cable machine(with the resistance behind your body slightly lower than […]

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A run down of the bones of the shoulder and arm

Here’s a run down on the bones of the shoulder and arm for you…☺☺ The clavicle(collar bone) articulates laterally with the acromion(the nub poking forward from your shoulder blade/scapula)of the scapula and medially with the sternum(middle of your chest). Ironically it is one of the first bones to start hardening in the human fetus, the […]

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