Flexion and Extension for shoulder strengthening

Actions of the shoulder and muscles involved.

Flexion: anterior deltoid, pec major, biceps brachii,  coracobrachialis
+ With your arm straight starting from behind your hips, create movement at your shoulder joint and raise to your shoulder level. 
+ Empty handed, with weight, theraband or a cable machine(with the resistance behind your body slightly lower than hip level)

Extension: posterior deltoids, latissimus dorsi, teres major, infraspinatus, teres minor, pec major lower fibres, triceps brachii long head
+ Start with your arm straight, palm facing your body holding onto a cable or theraband slightly above the height of your shoulder.
+ Create the movement at your shoulder joint moving your hand in the direction moving behind your body into as much extension as possible.

+ These are isotonic(moving) contraction which can be done following dynamic warming up for three sets of 8-10 repetitions. 
+ Your shoulder should feel fatigued after this exercise, if it’s not pull more weight, if you’re losing form and incorporating other movements then lower the weight.

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Right Arm Shoulder Flexion

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