A run down of the bones of the shoulder and arm

Here’s a run down on the bones of the shoulder and arm for you…☺☺

The clavicle(collar bone) articulates laterally with the acromion(the nub poking forward from your shoulder blade/scapula)of the scapula and medially with the sternum(middle of your chest). Ironically it is one of the first bones to start hardening in the human fetus, the last to completely develop and one of the most frequently broken in the body.

The scapula(shoulder blade) is the triangular shaped bone of the upper back,  along with the clavicle it plays a vital role in stabilization and movement of the arm.  It serves as the attachment site for sixteen muscles.  It glides across the posterior surface of the thorax to form the scapulothoracic joint.

The humerus is the upper bone of the arm which articulates proximally(nearest the body) with the glenoid fossa(socket of the scapula)  of the scapula to form the glenohumeral joint which is a ball and socket joint with a wide range of movement.

Keeping these joints mobilized for people with mobility issues such as tight muscles or tendonitis or strengthened for people with hypermobility are vital to keep you feeling pain free and accessing a full range range of motion.  RMT and/or personal training can help, BOOK NOW for either @ dcrmt.com


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